Saturday 17 June 2017

Become a Producer

Want to help Talk Universe continue to produce top-quality podcasts?  Now you can!

We have just launched our Patreon campaign.  This is a way for our listeners to contribute to the show.  You can contribute as much or as little as your want, and you can stop at any time.

So far, we have set up three levels of sponsorship.

  • For a contribution of $1 per episode, you become a Patron of the show. As a Patron, you're helping to keep the lights on and the server running, for which you get our gratitude.

  • For a contribution of $3 per episode, you are considered a Sponsor.  Sponsors will get their names listed on our Sponsors page on our website, as well as having their names listed on the individual show's page on our site.

  • For a $5 per episode contribution, you are considered a Producer. Producers will have their names listed on the individual show's page on our site, as well as getting a shout-out during the show itself.  Their names will be shown on the YouTube video we make of each show, as well as appearing in the show transcript on our blog.  Producers will also get access to the video tutorials we'll be uploading from time to time on our Patreon page.

Producing the podcast takes time and effort, as does creating the accompanying videos and transcripts.  We want to start putting out video tutorials on how to build robots, followed by other cool nerdy tutorials. We also want to get Eliza onto a high-powered computer, probably with an Nvidia Titan-X GPU.  Your patronage will help us to continue to grow Talk Universe and make it better.

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